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How I Packed And Delivered A Delicate Gift For My Girl Friend

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Sending off a fragile gift can be tough, especially when you’re personally delivering it, or by plane or having it sent through the mail when you know very well that the shipping guys won’t be very kind to your package, completely disregarding the fact your package reads in big, red letters, “Fragile.” Here’s how to pack and deliver a delicate gift successfully!

Wrap Glass with Newspaper

Sending off glass candle holders, vases, or drinking glasses, for instance? It’s always a good idea to wrap each individual piece with newspaper, ensuring that the fragile products will not clank against one another and cause a breakage. Plus, it’s a lot quieter as you will not have to worry about the sound of glasses clinking and clanking around. Packing peanuts alone will not be safe enough to ensure glass gifts will last through their long delivery route, as they’ll still be clanking against each other; that’s when newspaper comes in!

For Extreme Breakables, Take use of Wrapping Foam or Bubble Wrap

It’s one thing to have glass, but when you have items that are so delicate, they practically break when you set them down on the table, that’s when you know you need something more than a simple wrap of newspaper, something that is heavier and much sturdier. Wrapping foam and bubble wrap does the trick! Do about three or four wraps around each fragile product, and bam – You gifts are now practically indestructible when wrapped with foam! Seriously, though, this theory has been tested. If you wrap packing foam or bubble wrap around a fresh egg and then drop it from the top of a roof, the egg will not crack. The wrapping creates a sturdy barrier around any fragile item that will prevent a breakage if the item falls on or is hit against a hard surface (especially if the delivery man throws your package on the doorstep).

Fill in any Extra Space in the Box

When you’re shipping out a delicate item, the last thing you want to do is send the package off in a box that is much bigger than necessary. If there’s any extra space, even just a little, always try to fill it in. You can use packing peanuts, newspaper, shredded paper, heavy tissue, wrapping foam, or even packing bubbles to ensure your gift won’t be shifting around the box causing a potential breakage. Be sure that the gift is in the middle of the packing peanuts, or whichever you decide to use, so there is a little barrier surrounding your gift in each direction and keeping the item away from the walls of the box where the gift will be most susceptible to damage.

If you’re Delivering it Yourself, Carry the Gift in a Hard-Cased Suitcase

We all know airlines baggage handling services , just like deliverymen, aren’t so considerate of your delicate shipments. That’s when hard-cased suitcase comes in. Because luggage is often thrown around, shifted around during the trip, and often snuggled up tightly against other pieces of luggage, it can be hard keeping the gift you’re delivering safe and sound. You can find hard-cased suitcases and luggage bags already installed with foam inserts where you can tear out the pieces to perfectly fit your gift perfectly within the bag’s foam lining. Not only will the hard-case of the suitcase prevent the gift from getting squished from other suit cases and bags, the foam lining will create security for the gift and keep it bound in place.